Storage Tips For Your Wigs






Wigs are a big investment and as such great care should be taken to ensure our wigs last a long while. There are some things you can do to make your wig last even longer, including learning how to properly store your wig. Storing your wigs properly helps to improve the overall quality of your wig and keep it looking new.



What to do before storing your Wig


Before putting your wig away, always ensure that;

Ø The wig is clean.

Ø The wig is well air-dried

Ø The wig is well brushed out and free from tangles.


Use a Mannequin head or a wig stand.


This helps to keep the wig cap in shape and also to keep the wig’s style intact as you get ready to go out, there by cutting back in your morning routine. It also helps minimize styling the wig so often.

You can use a Styrofoam wig head to store your wigs. They are lightweight, accessible, affordable and practical.


Travelling with your wig.


It is also necessary to properly store your wigs while on a trip to avoid having your wigs getting smashed or too tangled. Carefully wrap your wig in a hair net and package in the box your wig came in or in a satin lined bag. Also invest in a foldable wig stand that you can carry along.


Prepare For Long Term Storage.


If you are planning on putting your wig into storage for a long period of time, take care to prep it correctly first. Take the time to brush and clean your wig before you store it, as storing a wig with product in it could cause permanent damage. Once it’s clean, fold your wig in half from ear to ear, and place your wig back in its original, plastic packaging. Use tissue paper at the crown of the wig to help your wig hold its shape during storage.


Final storage Tips!!


Ø Please don’t just toss your wig around when you are not wearing it.

Ø Store your wigs away from direct sunlight and dust as this will dull the colour and vibrancy of the wig.

Ø Store your wigs in a cool dry place.

Ø Never leave your wigs in the bathroom. That’s a NO-NO.

Ø Your bedroom closet space is also a great place to keep your wigs.


What other tips do you have for storing your wigs? Drop them in the comments below!